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NuvuScroll For WordPress


  • Add unlimited amount of images.
  • Link images to pages or file.
  • Scroll left and right through the gallery
  • MouseWheel and Arrow Key activation.
  • Custom prettyPhoto lightboxed images.
  • Swipe enabled – swipe left and right on touch enabled devices to move the scroll

NuvuScroll Plugin Code

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<div class=”nuvuscroll lightbox” data-speed=”7″><div class=”controls”><div class=”hovleft”></div> <div class=”hovright”></div></div><div class=”scroll”>



Scroll Speed:

You can change the scroll speed by adding the data-speed parameter to the .nuvuscroll container like so:

<div class=”nuvuscroll lightbox” data-speed=”7″>

Selecting a img on page load:

You scroll to a certain image on page load when giving the img a “selected” class:

<img class=”selected” src=”” alt=”91e876bfcfec9899dd8a330a17ba4378″ width=”600″ height=”416″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-776″ />

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