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[laxslider type="product" product_category="" greyscale="false" num_slides="9" auto="10000" backgrounds="5" thumbnails="true" show_excerpt='true' slide_easing="jswing" bg_easing="jswing" slide_speed="3000" background_speed='2000' order='DESC' order_by='ID' ]

*If the slider seems slow or choppy close some browser tabs to free up browser resources. This slider has many animating parts and when you have other tabs open using resources this may degrade the performance of the slider. I have gotten many comments about this. The slider background images are sprites and code has been highly optimized but it still requires high browser resources due to all of the animation.

LAX Slider/Slideshow

This is a WordPress Featured image slider/slideshow plugin – slide your posts, pages, products or any other post type via featured image, title and content(excerpt). Simply set your “featured image” on the posts/pages etc and add a shortcode to your desired slider location(page).

No adding slides/titles in admin panel, just set a post type or category once in the shortcode and every new post/page/product etc you add is automatically included in the slideshow.

You can easily display posts types by wordpress categories or product categories.

Insert on any page with one simple shortcode. Set all parameters inline. No need for admin panel settings.

Example shortcode: [ laxslider type="product" product_category="" num_slides="20" auto="10000" show_excerpt='true' slide_easing="jswing" slide_speed="3000" order='ASC' order_by='ID' ]


  • Display Post, Page, Product, Attachment etc on a WordPress website.
  • Customizable slide and container size – fit your theme perfectly.
  • Add multiple sliders on your site.
  • Use simple shortcode – no admin options to set. Easily give your contributors and editors the ability to add sliders to their pages as well.
  • 5 Parallax animating backgrounds to set.
  • Set category, number of posts to show, easing, slide speed, order and order by.
  • Auto adjusting slide positions on window and container re-size.
  • AutoPlay Slideshow, with pause on hover.
  • Pure CSS3 thumbnail/navigation and loading transitions and animation – zero images.
  • Display post title and optional excerpt(content) slide on hover.
  • Cross Browser compatible(IE,Opera,Chrome,Safari,FireFox).
  • Mobile Browser Ready – Google, Dolphin, Maxthon, Safari, Opera.

Extensive Documentation:

Built in documentation in the admin panel for easy instruction of slider implementation.

Complete list of parameter settings and sample shortcodes

Slider is also featured on the homepage of NuvuThemes

Installation Video


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