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Description: Uses jQuery and HTML to displays blog post photo's in an Ajax multicolumn gallery with linking lightbox photo galleries. Quick pin/tweet/follow buttons and link to original tumblr post. Features: Easy Installation - Just get a api key and add the scripts and body elements to your page then set a couple variables. No need to know anything about jQuery to implement. Api - Uses the newest Tumblr api to fetch tumblr blog post images and displays the first post image as a tumblrwall image. When the user loads the image into the tumblrwall lighbox they can scroll through the rest of that posts images. Multi-Columns - Set the number of columns to split the gallery into. Default is 6. Ajax loaded Slides -Shows 20 images per Ajax loaded slide. Continue to the next 20 images or previous 20 using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons. Quick Share - Use the quick Pinterest Pin, Twitter Tweet and Tumblr Follow to spread the word about the post images. Mobile Ready - Tested and working with Ipad IOS6 Mobile Safari and Android Browser. Responsive Design - Responsive resizing elements. Resize the window and the images will adjust to fit the screen. User Blog - Uses a users blog name to show there blog posts that contain images. Note: Does not include a tagged search feature. Can be used with any user public blog. Note: Firefox and Opera use css styles to set multi-column feature and IE9, Safari and Chrome use the columnizer plugin included. All browsers have subtle differences in styles and features(animation). Please make sure you are comfortable with and test the plugin in all browsers prior to purchase. View Demo

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TumblrWall jQuery Plugin/Template


AudioBox - HTML5 Audio Gallery Template Create HTML5 audio galleries. Add Albums and playlists. HTML5, jQuery 1.8.1, CSS3 Album Flip animation(Firefox, Safari, Chrome) Animating Plasma Trees and Levels while song playback. (optional) Uses Zen and jPlayers. Repeat, next, prev buttons. Time left display. Twitter, iTunes Query, Pinterest optional social buttons. Draggable playlist lightbox with levels animation. Orbit Album Slider with tray open close function Add unlimited albums and slides Uses .oga, .m4a, mp3 formats Best used with Firefox, Safari and Chrome for CSS3 animations. WIll work in IE9 and Opera but display is not optimal Mobile Browser Support - Safari on IOS6 Credits Plasma Trees Effect - mhepekka - Orbit Slider/foundation - jPlayer - Zen Player - Lightbox - Fancybox - Audio Samples from iTunes View Demo

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AudioBox – HTML5 Audio Gallery Template



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