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Image Tag Slider for WordPress(version 2) Features: This is a WordPress Ajax Tagging Slider plugin – Set tags on your image slides that load other pages content via Ajax or Media from Vimeo, Youtube etc. Add animating captions, images, elements to each slide. Powerful backend tag mapping tool for mapping points on each slide. Easily create slides using this tools and just copy and paste onto your page to add a slide. Uses simple shortcode on any page to implement. Loads content into Lightboxes. Customizable Tooltips Use any element within a slide - you are not restricted to what you can include into your slide. Extensive Documentation: Built in documentation in the admin panel for easy instruction of slider implementation. Complete list of parameter settings and sample shortcodes View Demo

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Image Tag Slider Version 2


WooCommerce Video Links - Video Previews In WooCommerce Features: Video Previews In WooCommerce(loads in Lightbox) Link and Load Embedded Product Video/Images using the added "Video Links" field in the product gallery media tool. Load video from major video sites such as Youtube, ScreenR and Vimeo. Works with SoundCloud Music embeds too! Load external Images as well. This plugin requires you to overwrite 2 woocommerce template files to add the Video Link Url field to the product images gallery insert tool. View Demo

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WooCommerce Video Links Plugin


Create a style gallery in WordPress with Views and Voting Functionality Features: Display all posts - query by category, tag, number of views, number of votes Dynamically change the sort by dragging items. Sidebar quickview with title, feature image, excerpt content, post gallery, avatar, author name. Optional related scroll - show authors other items. Set post per page. Pagination is ajax loaded - the user does not leave the page when cycling through all the gallery pages. All gallery images are loaded into prettyPhoto lightbox with gallery option. Dynamically sort gallery items by date(ascending, descending). Dynamically sort gallery items by amount of votes(ascending, descending). Scrolling effect on top and bottom right sidebar elements mouseover and auto scroll of right sidebar when the gallery is above the window. Pins the right sidebar to the top of the window so its always in view. View Demo

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SoapBox Gallery For WordPress


PrettyWoo - Woocommerce product gallery Features: Easily insert Woocommerce product galleries into a page Insert anywhere on page. PrettyWoo now handles all shortcode inserted galleries. View PrettyWoo Gallery Page PrettyWoo is WooCommerce VideoLinks Plugin Plus PrettyWoo Galleries Manually Inserted Gallery PrettyWoo now handles all shortcode inserted galleries. Use the Upload/insert Gallery Insert in product page.

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PrettyWoo Plugin


NuvuGlide Slider for WordPress or WooCommerce Features: Dynamic slide effect. Slides grow and glide to fit the slider. Set unlimited posts/product slides. The slider will adjust to fit them all. View post/product date, title, summary, gallery, featured image. Mobile Ready! - Simple tap deploys the slides. Customizable parameters: num_images type product_category product_tag category meta order_by order post_status tags show_sticky show_excerpt show_date show_title show_gallery border gal_columns Soft and Hard codable - use on your frontpage(index.php) or on any page/post with a simple shortcode. Great for use with Wordpress e-commerce, WooCommerce for displaying posts or products. View Demo

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NuvuGlide Slider


The demo is not built into this page - please view the demo link below to see the plugin in action. View Demo

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WooZoom 2.0 – WooCommerce Zoom Plugin


LAX Slider/Slideshow Does not work with Woocommerce 2.0 products. This is a WordPress Featured image slider/slideshow plugin – slide your posts, pages, products or any other post type via featured image, title and content(excerpt). Simply set your “featured image” on the posts/pages etc and add a shortcode to your desired slider location(page). No adding slides/titles in admin panel, just set a post type or category once in the shortcode and every new post/page/product etc you add is automatically included in the slideshow. You can easily display posts types by wordpress categories or product categories. Insert on any page with one simple shortcode. Set all parameters inline. No need for admin panel settings. Example shortcode: [ laxslider type="product" product_category="" num_slides="20" auto="10000" show_excerpt='true' slide_easing="jswing" slide_speed="3000" order='ASC' order_by='ID' ] Features: Display Post, Page, Product, Attachment etc on a WordPress website. Customizable slide and container size – fit your theme perfectly. Add multiple sliders on your site. Use simple shortcode – no admin options to set. Easily give your contributors and editors the ability to add sliders to their pages as well. 5 Parallax animating backgrounds to set. Set category, number of posts to show, easing, slide speed, order and order by. Auto adjusting slide positions on window and container re-size. AutoPlay Slideshow, with pause on hover. Pure CSS3 thumbnail/navigation and loading transitions and animation – zero images. Display post title and optional excerpt(content) slide on hover. Cross Browser compatible(IE,Opera,Chrome,Safari,FireFox). Mobile Browser Ready – Google, Dolphin, Maxthon, Safari, Opera. Extensive Documentation: Built in documentation in the admin panel for easy instruction of slider implementation. Complete list of parameter settings and sample shortcodeston> View Demo

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LAX Slider – parallax post slider



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