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Wah-Menu - Wordpress Side Menu Plugin. View Demo

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Wah-Menu For WordPress


Imagine Wordpress Animator Create Animating Scenes Using Pur CSS classes. Up to ten different sequences with delays and animation durations. Say good by to video. Create dynamic HTML scenes using Imagine CSS action classes. Complete with backend scense creation tool to make scene creation easier. Plugin Features Up to 10 Animation Sequences Per Element. Over 1500 Preset Animation Action Classes To Choose From. Create Your Own Custom Classes. Spin/Flip/Rotate/Scale/Size/Colors/Margins/Padding... Create Unlimited Scenes. Backend Scene Creation Tool. Inview or Mouseover triggers Play Once or Unlimited Times. Pure CSS animations Wordpress 3.7+ Ready No Shortcodes - Just plain old HTML Notable Limitations Transform Limitations: You cannot use multiple classes that trigger css tranforms(rotate, scale, etc). Inview Limitations: To use the Inview trigger in a loop meaning the animation triggers each time the scene is in view the page must be large enough to scroll the scene out of view and then back into view. View Demo

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Imagine WordPress Animator


Scroll Any Element On The Page Up Or Down When The Page Scrolls. Set distance, duration, easing, type, direction Scroll HTML Elements (div, span, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, img, ul, ol, section, aside, etc) Options: Set the data options for the movement amount, direction, type, speed and easing. Here is some text to scroll. data-type="top" - The data-type property is the style propety to apply the scroll to. Can be "top", "bottom", "margin-top" and "margin-bottom". When scrolling by margin-top and margin-bottom set the scrollit element to a relative position. data-scroll="0.5" - The data-scroll property is the amount to scroll "0.5" is equal to 1/2 percent of the elements height per scroll. data-direction="up" - The data-direction property is direction to scroll when scrolling down the page. It can be "up" or "down". If set to "up" the element will scroll up when scrolling down the page and down when scrolling up the page. data-duration="1000" - The data-duration property is speed of the scrolling if using as animation. "2000" is 2 seconds or 2000 milliseconds. data-easing="swing" - The data-easing property is the scroll animation easing. Can be any jquery easing "swing" is default. See for all options. no-animate - Using a CSS scroll instead of an animation scroll is as easy as adding the "no-animate" class to the scrollit element like so: Here is some text to scroll. - The CSS scrolling is more precise but does not scroll over time. When the scroll event is triggered the element will immediately move the desired amount. View Demo

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WordPress Scroll-It


NuvuScroll For Wordpress - Touch Enabled Scrolling Gallery Features Add unlimited amount of images. Link images to pages or file. Scroll left and right through the gallery MouseWheel and Arrow Key activation. Custom prettyPhoto lightboxed images. li> Swipe enabled – swipe left and right on touch enabled devices to move the scroll View Demo

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NuvuScroll For WordPress


Add Perspective to your boring WordPress galleries – Make them Wobble! View Demo

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Wobble Gallery Plugin


Popout Table Style Post Gallery Plugin For Wordpress. View Demos

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TableLite For WordPress


Toggle (SlideUp/Down) Any Page Elements! Choose from over 230 Entypo Icons That Are Customizable in Size and Color Target multiple elements. Example: (toggles a div...

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Toggle-It For WordPress


Wordpress toFullscreen plugin adds a button to the top left of all pages allowing the user to quickly go into fullscreen mode. Compatible with Firefox and Chrome – In Opera, Safari and IE the plugin alerts the user to press the F11 key to toggle fullscreen mode. – Not compatible in mobile devices. Integrates the jQuery Fullscreen plugin 2012 by Klaus Reimer into Wordpress - WordPress 3.5.1 compatible Change the color and size of the button in the built in options page. Color choices are(black, brown, yellow, green, purple, pink, blue, teal, red, grey, orange) – Sizes (small, normal, large) No shortcodes – Works site wide. Just activate the plugin and it’s on all your pages. View Demo

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toFullscreen WordPress Plugin



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